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Victorian Nude Photograph

Think that the "Victorian" age was devoid of pornography and "dirty pictures"?

Think again!

It was the era in which photography had just been invented and like any new medium, the first thing the artist's did who embraced the new technology was take pictures of nude women...and men, and sex!

Here's a nice example of a super early Victorian nude photograph:

victorian nude photograph
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She is naked and doing a full-frontal pose, but tasteful in the way that a painter or sculptor would pose his nude model for a figure study or portrait. But rest assured, they did the "nasty" stuff as well. The private collections of many famous collectors of erotica around the world are bursting with numerous examples of explicit and uncensored hardcore sex photographs from the Victorian period.

And why not? Isn't is something ALL people want to see of ANY era?

Look at the nudes painted on the walls during caveman times and tell me it's not an intrinsic human need and desire?

And here endth the lecture - enjoy!


Posted: Sunday 10th December 2006, 8:07 PM

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